When it is about exploring something new and different, nothing can be more attractive and mind popper than visiting and exploring some desert place. There are many different desert places around the globe, but the charm the classical look, the ambiance, and the feel cannot be found anywhere else except Desert Safari Dubai. The magical landscape, lofty dunes, and exciting desert sports seek the attention of adventure-lovers across the world.

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Desert Safari is one place, which is not just about an area being surrounded by sand; it is one spot which can give you goosebumps. Wondering how? With the beauty of nature, one can witness within the vicinity of Desert Safari Dubai.

The desert safari adventure is all about experiencing off-road activities. Dune bugging or dune bashing is the most favorite desert sport of tourists of all ages. Going up and down on elevated dunes boosts the adrenaline level in your body. It’s no less than a roller-coaster ride coming down 400 meter high dunes.

Sliding down on a sandborad is another fun-filled adventure. Try it while standing, sitting, or lying on it. Do not worry if you ever fall from it. The powder soft dunes are won’t hurt you. It is full of adventure and excitement exploring the desert on an ATV quad bike. The grains of sand touching your face and skin double the joy of adventure.

A camel ride to the campsite offers panoramic views of the desert. Even you can experience birds flying right above your head. The tourists especially kids love to have Arabian eagles on their arms for a photography session. There are endless entertainment activities at the campsite for tourists.

The melodious Arabian flute seems harmonious and relaxing. The trained belly dancers will entertain you with their well-choreographed moves. The Egyptian-style tanoura dance performances depict a true spirit of Sufism. The kids will be entertained by Stickman show. The art-of-the-state fire dance show will leave you spellbound by spectacular performances.

Probably, you will feel hunger pangs after enjoying entertaining and adventuresome activities. Here you can enjoy the world’s best vegetarian and non-vegetarian cuisine to bless your taste buds with the best taste. Do not forget to try savory Arabic sheesha pipe. It is not injurious for your health because tar and tobacco never enter your body. You can also get beautiful henna painting tattoos at the campsite.

Book your trip now and get a chance to experience something unique and stylish just the way you desire! Desert Dubai Safari is a spot which is a dream place to make everyone experience the most beautiful place in UAE.