On vacations, you want to go to a place where you feel calm, your mood refreshes and you enjoy a lot of fun with your family and friends. Such a luxury tour and the entertainment place is Dubai. Where you can find each and everything. If you are talking about fun, shopping, dessert, business, or only trip, there is no such type as a UAE tour. An amazing, lavish, and eye charming view. From every corner of the globe, people come to Dubai to visit, shopping, and stay in luxury environments to enjoy life.
You can enjoy desert safari Dubai tours any time of the year. You can bring your squad, kids, and loved ones to enjoy rip-roaring desert sports. It includes exciting adventures such as dune bashing, ATV quad biking, sandboarding, camel ride, delicious cuisine, and entertaining dance performances.

If you go to Dubai and do not visit the Desert safari, you may lose something special.
Now no need to worry to book a Dubai tour because of a lot of tour companies available with different services provided for you. From home, you can easily book your tour with friends and family. When you book any tour, the first thing you can check how services are best for you? The services provided by the company is affordable or not? All things have in your mind.

How the best tour company is matter much for visiting the Desert safari Dubai?
Everyone wants to book a tour from punctual, professional, and the tram which can accommodate their clients with best guidelines. So Dubai tour services provide the best services and activities at an affordable cost. In package multiple evening and morning desert safari activities includes such that camel safari, dune bashing, henna painting, belly dance show, fire show, Tanoura dance show, Hubbly Bubbly Sheesha pipe, BBQ buffet dinner, evening photography with Arabian costumes, sunset photography, and the night safari at Bedouin camp.

Here some special things you need to know before book a desert safari tour. Make sure that you are following safety instructions while enjoying desert sports.

The first thing you understand that a desert safari adventure tour is only suitable for physically fit individuals. If you are suffering from back problems, neck injuries, or other serious medical conditions, do not go for such nerve-wrenching adventures.
Usually, pregnant females, kids below 7 years, and elderly people are strictly prohibited for desert safari Dubai adventure tours. There is a special playing area for kids at the campsite, leave your kids there to ensure their safety.
Generally, desert safari adventures last for 4 to 9 hours. If you are going for a morning desert safari adventure, you need a strong UV screen to avoid the sun rays. To protect your skin, sunglasses and sunscreen is necessary. If you are coming from European countries, try to book an evening or overnight desert safari adventure tour. Bring a hat as well.
Before visiting check the climate of Dubai, in case of low or high temperatures you can decide your clothes and shoes. Make sure that you are wearing loose fitting clothes to beat the encroaching heat of the desert. Avoid dark-colored dresses to minimize the absorbance of the sunlight. Wear a comfortable pair of shoes in the desert. Casual open shoes or flip-flops are the best footwear in the desert.
Not eat heavy meat because maybe you vomit during dune bashing or sandboarding sports activities

Take a camera to capture the beautiful moments of desert safari
Be careful, quad biking in Dubai not for small children, so avoid
In the evening the cool breeze blowing in the desert, so for this, you need a stall or a sweater. The weather during the evening in the desert is totally opposite of the weather during the morning. A soft and cool breeze seems relaxing. Make sure that knitted garments are not too heavy. Usually, jackets are preferred by the visitors.
Do not wear traditional Arabian dresses to capture photographs if you have serious skin problems including allergies, rashes, and sensitivity. Bring hand sanitizer keeping in view the current pandemic situation.
Are Dubai desert safari is on your bucket list? If yes, so don’t too late because if you don’t go maybe you cannot see the desert adventure.

How at AL Khayma camp welcome their guests with fun activities?
From your residence hotel, your trip starts with a Land cruiser 4×4 vehicle with a professional driver. During the journey, I asked about different places the driver and he guides us very friendly. AL Khayma welcome the guests with a delicious BBQ dinner, Qehwa, tea, and snacks. From my personal experience, the evening of the desert safari is so amazing and full of fun activities. Rest at the Al Khayma camp or stay the night under the blue shining start sky is an amazing and different experience of life.