You can book your desert safari trip with the help of a Dubai tour easily from the site. Enjoy the adventure activities in the desert save your memories with the photography for later. The following types show desert adventure in Dubai. The Desert Safari Deals include the morning evening and overnight desert safari trip.

Morning desert safari

The morning desert safari is normally started from 9:00 am and you can enjoy the different fun activities here. With delicious breakfast, your day starts with full energy. You can enjoy the dune buggy, dune bashing with 4*4 vehicles, camel riding, and ATV quad biking, etc.

Evening desert safari

The daytime of the desert is mostly rough and hot. So the pleasant time to go to desert safari Dubai is evening because of different fun activities. Mostly people like to visit in the evening, the sunset in the evening attracts everyone. Different activities such that:

  • Camel riding 

Camel riding is one of the most favorite activities in the desert trip and reminds the ancient style of riding. You can ride on the red sand like a prince, enjoy the thrilling with dunes. The most energetic type of activity in the desert is camel riding.

  • ATV Quad biking with 3 or 4 wheeler quads

Enjoy the ATV quad biking with 3 or 4 wheels, not for children only for adults and youngsters. Enjoy the ATV quad biking with the instructor’s guidance. The quads are special for riding on the sand, not for roads. Drive the quads from the campsite and enjoy the sand riding.

  • Photography with ancient style Arabic costumes

In the evening the sunset is looking wonderful like a flowing red ball. Capture the beauty of the desert with Arabic costumes. Arabian costumes are available in the desert for couples. Don’t forget to take a camera because you cannot collect your memories for later without a camera.

  • Tanoura dance show, Belly dance show, and the Fire show 

An evening with BBQ dinner, snacks, and tea you can enjoy the amazing dance shows like the Tanoura dance show, Belly dance show, and the Fire show. All of the dance show is organized for the tourist and the dance performers have come from different corners of the world. The fireman having the techniques of catching the fireballs and give you an amazing performance. The best desert Safari Company in Dubai having all of these fun activities that make your mind fresh and happy.

  • Henna tattoos on hands and feet

The evening starts from the camel riding, dune bashing, and end with the henna painting, BBQ dinner with a dance show. With expert girls, enjoy the henna tattoos on your hands and feet; make you feel pleasant. The young girls and the ladies make tattoos on their hands and feet in the desert.

  • Dune bashing with 4×4 wheeler

Dunes are available for riding on the sand with the help of trainers. You know the dunes are special for the riding on the sand like a land cruiser and the Lassan Petrol with 4×4 vehicles. For under 18 it’s a risk and doesn’t provide by the desert trip. Explore the whole desert with the help of dune bashing and dune buggy.